Shooting, from J. T. Holley

July 14, 2009 |

22In thinking of long distance shooting I thought of the technique that I was taught by my PaPa. He taught the popular BRASS acronym: Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, and Squeeze. I from young age till now if I picked up a rifle would go through this as if it was second nature. The two Ss are the hardest for me, the slack to those not in the know is the give in the trigger up to the point of release, the squeeze is preferred to a Pull so as not to move shot to the right (righthanded shooters). I learned this with a .22 hunting squirrels from 50 to 100 yards, no sight.

Similarly I was taught a golf swing by my Uncle Wayne with similar ritual though no acronym. Five step dance. First grip the club, second address the ball, third place right foot, fourth place left foot, fifth swing the club. Though it isn't as robotic and choppy as when I learned I still have this same approach to a golf ball today. It is much more fluid and effortless but the same five stages are there.

The training of those two things in my life came with practice and a quasi-scientific approach. What idiosyncrasies do you have for trading?

Mine are:

  1. hypothesis
  2. test
  3. confirm
  4. place trade
  5. monitor trade
  6. exit trade

Steve Ellison adds:

PDSAA technique taught in Six Sigma quality methodology is Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA).

Plan: Decide a course of action, and predict the results. The first three steps in Mr. Holley's list could be input to a trading plan.

Do: Place, monitor, and exit the trades.

Study: After a reasonable number of trades, analyze results. How profitable were the trades? If they were not profitable, why not?

Act: Based on what you learned, make an improvement to your trading process.

A typical improvement effort might have many cycles of PDSA. A good starting point for more information about PDSA is here .


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