Indian Stocks Fall, Ending Worst Week Since October on Monsoon Deficiency — Bloomberg News

This kind of article was rampant in 1900-1910 when US had farm workers at 30-40% of working force. Not enough rain in monsoons causes market to break a psychological level.

Sushil Kedia replies:

Thirteen monsoons in a row classified as good, with just in-between as not as good, rather say fourteen monsoons that have not been bad in a row have made this generation of traders in India rather unaware of the havoc less-than-kind raingods can bring for an economy with 70% of the population still scrounging for a living on the farmlands. This market had in any case been too much of a paradise to be the world's number one performer moving from October '08 lows of 2200 to the recent 4700. Money, it seems, was to grow on trees here and suddenly each is faced with a situation that the trees might not grow the usual also enough.


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