T R t S1. One of those curious consiliences, completely non-random, arises today with the Nikkei closing at 9430 and the dollar:yen at 9430.

2. The minimum in the S&P yesterday was preceded by tremendous falls in all markets especially India.

3. The baseball managers like to take their pitchers out of games when they throw 100 pitches. What's the comparable quantification that works in markets. How about 10 days without something bad?

4. The difference between the effectiveness of a pitcher who throws 95 miles an hour like Kershaw and Pelfrey who throws 90 is like the difference between a profit and loss.

5. Will someone please tell me why this or that monthly seasonally adjusted retrospective economic announcement is key to where the stock market should be and why this randomness or staging is worth 1% or 2% a day?

6. The market abhors days of no change the way a baseball fan abhors a pitching duel.

7. The fixed income markets have very quietly ensconced a positive sequence of length three or more in many cases.

8. Patrick O'Brian's "The Road to Samarcand" is as good as any archeological novel and has economic wisdom and adventure in it that goes beyond any other modern American novelist.

9. The move down in commodities preceded the move in stocks but they often proceed in lockstep during the day.

10. There is something grotesque in seeing a beautiful stadium with 100 million naming rights or so like the one the Mets play in that is sponsored with alacrity and heavy promotion (with free samples and door openers outside) that comes from a company which has received a market value in aid from the service payers that is greater than their market value.


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