Good article in today's Weekend WSJ on randomness, by Caltech professor of randomness Leonard Mlodinow. Starts out relating the story of when Joe Dimaggio and his small eponymous son sneaked into Yankee stadium. When the crowd saw their sluggish hero, they began chants of "Joe! Joe! Dimaggio!", to which the little statistical blip (only four years old) remarked "see, they all know me!"

He then discusses the random aspects of hot-hands in sports, as well as Bill Miller's 15 year SP500-beating streak (which was 75% probable if random). The hard wired ego massage associated with financial success (see Herbivore Men of Japan) makes it hard to keep the genius in the bottle. I recall the thrill as an 18 year old arriving at a party, when unexpectedly greeted by a smiling beauty. Too good to be true, but for a brief moment; she was in fact waving at someone behind me.

The human big bang of money success creates its own space from nothing.


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