"Then why doesn't everybody go to the markets and beat the game to a frazzle playing Seattle Phil's method if the brain work part is so easy? Yes, the brainwork part is easy. It's the patience and guts part that sticks 'em!

There are no mechanical rules to go by. You simply have to have Phil's patience to wait for high Sharpe situations and Phil's guts to play them."

from: Secrets of Professional Turf Betting, slightly altered in honour of "Seattle Phil" McDonnell, whom I had the great pleasure to spend some time with, discussing markets and methods when he was in Stockholm a few weeks ago. I also attended his speech at the Scandinavian Technical Analyst Federation, where he discussed the findings of his 2008 book Optimal Portfolio Modeling. A great speech, and I would say that when it comes to Phil, the brainwork is not so easy, as he has such a deep understanding of the markets workings as well an ability to mathematically and statistically model the markets for practical trading use, that is probably equaled by very few. Incidentally, he is also trained by the very best in that arena!

This site is such a great meeting place, and I smile every time that I see someone traveling to a faraway place on the globe, mentioning it on the site beforehand and almost always there is a spec meet-up to grab a bite and discuss markets with an old friend from the site.

Truly, we are very fortunate to be part of this.





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