There was a time when in my country the barber was quite a personality in villages. The social opportunities and contacts at the barber's or at the bar in the piazza were unique. The barber was a very precious source of information. There you would do your business, get useful information and news about people and things happened, find friendships and establish connections. Much of the talk was about people I must say, and I am afraid that they would not talk about stocks tips and hints because the financial market was not developed at the time. Moreover, it was a place where you could spend some time and relax reading a newspaper with someone taking care of you; it was a weekly routine to be shaved the way only a barber can do. Provided that it was sometimes dangerous… Remember those scenes in old movies where a gangster is shot dead in a barber's chair? By the way, Al Capone's father was a barber. It seems that much has changed today when we consider going to have a haircut a waste of time and money.





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