For the first time in history, the score was changed in Chicago's favor from 89-83 to 89-84. In the first quarter Ben Gordon scored a long jumper for two points. With 5:44 left in the game, it was changed to a three pointer. Where else but in Chicago does a home team get a reprieve like that? It's happened to me many times. I have a trade where there's a substantial profit. "They're taking that down. They missed that someone on the other side of the ring was bidding ahead of you." Usually it happened within the first five minutes after the event. But I've had it happen a few hours later. Sports imitates life.

Where else but in Chicago would the referees be seen coming out of the stadium with their others wearing Go Chicago shirts. Usually one expects the referees to be neutral. But most of all how could a series go to six overtimes in just seven games with four of the games going to overtime, with the margins of victory being 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, 10 and 21 points? This must be quantified in the markets with five small changes in the last seven. It wouldn't give the big boys much chance to have done much damage and created the booms and busts so necessary for the "public to do themselves in." Finally this series went in terms of wins for the first six games: c, b, b, c, b, c, Let's call it a rise for a Chicago win and a decline for Boston in keeping with the ecology of markets. Happened 57 times the last 10 years on daily S&P. And sure enough the expectation is for b's, the -1 to win with an expectation of -0.3% . Don't ask what happens on the second day of the month.





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