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 With onset of the Swine Flu, I have gotten more than a few questions about preparedness, most of it centering around having a food supply. How does one go about getting a food supply? There are several options and I've listed a few below.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has pretty much everything that you need and has the whole process down to a science. Here is what I googled to find the "Bishop's Storehouse and Cannery" in my area:

"LDS Bishop's storehouse and Cannery of *(name of your area)"

You have to go and can your own food. We've done it as a family on a few different occasions. It's a good family bonding experience and I highly recommend it. Taking part in the preparation of your own food (even down to the canning portion) is wholesome fun family activity and our kids mention from time to time "hey, I canned that food." When the food eventually appears on the table, it's kind of a pride of ownership thing.

Here are some other options to buy things directly. (Of course, "Sams" and "Costco" are options too).

Emergency Essentials

Walton Feed

Healthy Harvest

What I recommend is that if you are interested in building a food supply, you read the resources available at providentliving.

Remember, that just as important as a food supply is, you also need a water supply, too.

At the very least, have on hand what is known as a 72 hour kit. This is everything you need to survive for 3 days (which you can easily stretch for a much longer period of time than that. Again, water is THE KEY).

Then you can build up to 2 - 3 months supply of food. The above resources can get you to this level quickly and fairly inexpensively. Why do I say inexpensively? Well, on the surface it may seem expensive to buy 3 months of food, but if you learn how to use it, what you end up doing is eating it, and just rotating in new food.

Over time (or immediately if you have the financial wherewithal), you build up your supply of dry foods that can be stored, literally, for decades.

I can't even begin to describe the peace of mind you have knowing that you and your family could survive for long periods of time on your food supply.


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