"The white shoe firm is buying!" — I thought I heard it when Aubrey and I went to Cones yesterday and no one was there. We were enjoying some banana ice cream (the best in the world despite what my eminent daughter says). Apparently one of the secrets is to use a mixture of 50% green bananas as well as to make it fresh within the last hour. All of the sudden a person looked in, and before we knew it, in about 30 seconds, 22 people came in to order ice cream.

There are five ice cream stores within a half block of Cones. It reminds me of the herdal response when the market gets even on the year. Even is too much a stopping point for most people. This must be quantified and tested in various scenarios, including the banana ice cream season of the spring, as opposed to the butter pecan season of the fall. Aubrey dropped two scoops of beautiful banana as he was trying to look at the machines (he scooped a few scoops out), and it broke the owner's heart and mine to see that beautiful stuff go to waste, the same way it hurts to see a price move in your direction, hit your limit and then hear those tragic words "locals only", or the even more sepulchral "white shoe selling" or worse yet "the algorithm boys located in Chicago taking advantage of their proximity vs. the speed of light were ahead of you". "But… but !".

Oscar D'Aloisio, co-owner of Cones, comments on spring ice cream trends:

I would say that the list of favorites is mostly consistent. The only pattern that changes in volume are the sorbets. During summertime they sell much more. I guess people want more refreshing food during hot weather.





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