Enclosed picture of the price movement of Fast Retailing, largest weightage stock on the Nikkei 225, broke under what may be called the dreaded Diamond pattern since there is no place where a diamond has been defined except for the statements that it is powerful, it is rare and it forms a formidable top and that it looks like a pattern similar to a rhombus (explained by the usage of a few such pictures)

If however, this drop under the latest line and outside this said pattern does make me money I do not mind calling it the "A Japanese Kite with a Long Whipping Tail". After all, the Japanese have a very expressive language and all the patterns from there are described in vivid detail and so what if it is not yet a pattern as man times quoted as a diamond, it would still be as rare as that as a pattern. When enough data of such occurrences come some may be able to test it. Until then, let me add to the library of patterns The Japanese Kite with a Long Whipping Tail. Yes it should begin with The and not A.

I think with one look, you should get to see the Long Whipping Tail. No? Try once more you would get it easily. Remember, it's a rare pattern since I saw it the first time myself.


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