If Tuco was the to look ugly being the short-seller into the action of last week and Blondie the good profit taker, they both by now have broken off their partnership to make good off the bounties of Tuco. In the process the two have met up with a horse carriage loaded with dead bodies and have learnt from the only survivor Bill Carson that he and a few others have buried gold in a cemetery. Tuco could only find where the Cemetery is and Blondie could find the name on the grave. Angel Eyes, the Bad man who always finishes a task if paid is now out to look for Tuco & Blondie.

Thus for the road ahead in the week next and the one after I want to remember what Tuco and Blondie said to each other in the movie:

TUCO: There are two kinds of people in the world, my friend. Those with a rope around their neck and the people who have the job of doing the cutting. Listen, the neck at the end of the rope is mine! I run the risks. So the next time, I want more than half.

BLONDIE: You may run the risks, my friend, but I do the cutting. If we cut down my percentage… cigar? Liable to interfere with my aim.

TUCO: But if you miss you had better miss very well. Whoever double-crosses me and leaves me alive, he understands nothing about Tuco. Nothing!

Blondie also said, "You never had a rope around your neck. Well, I'm going to tell you something. When that rope starts to pull tight, you can feel the Devil bite your ass."

Closer to the Climax of the entire drama, when at the cemetery with the gold:

ANGEL EYES: Two can dig a lot quicker than one. Dig. (To Blondie) You're not diggin'.

BLONDIE: (Lights his cigar. Angel Eyes cocks his gun.) If you shoot me, you won't see a cent of that money.


BLONDIE: I'll tell you why… (kicks lid off coffin, revealing only Arch Stanton's skeleton) Cause there's nothing in there.

TUCO: (Raises shovel to strike Blondie) Why you son-of-a….!

BLONDIE: You thought I'd trust you? Two hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. We're gonna have to earn it.

So for the fortnight ahead, I would go back and watch this movie once more for the useful lessons in speculation it has to offer at every turn. By their very name we know the Bad ain't the ones who would get the gold. So, between the ex-partnership of the Ugly and the Good and the collective crisis brought upon them by the Bad to forge back into a strongest kind of team, we know there is a cemetery and there is gold & the road to the riches is not movin' in a straight line cause it never did.

Good movie, old classic, works most of the time. Take a look. Oh Ya, the Angel(s) in the marts have the Eyes on them, this time round for sure. Am I saying the Profit taker was Good and that the road to the cemetery would go back through the horse carriage yet again? Why don't you watch this movie over the weekend and see if Good took the Profits or not ultimately?

Before Hans or some others tell me that this ain't such an exceptional movie when you look at the box office collections of recent years all I got to offer humbly is that either you adjust the present to history or the history to present if either is possible to do with workable accuracy & then we are both doing fine.


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