Hello Everyone: All my windows open at home today and then I hear in my opinion the worst noise of Summer…  Power mowers cutting yards in my neighborhood! I see that Black and Decker has a new 24 volt mower on the market that touts it will cut an acre (not sure how tall the grass is for that claim). Seems like years ago a mower named " Flymo " (anyone remember ? ) came onto the U.S. market and then vanished. How much more quiet and reduced noise and air pollution would be achievable if a powerful enough electric mower was developed. I remember seeing a few electric mowers that you had to drag along a power cord, but I never saw too many of them. My Father growing up told me that his brother cut a very large yard with a " power by arm strong " old type multi-bladed mower for fifty cents. When his brother got married my dad took over that same yard and dad said for the same fifty cents and with the same mower !! Regards: Alan


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