If you are going through Oklahoma on I 35 take the Guthrie exit 157, go about 3 miles west on 33 or Noble Ave until you hit the light at Division road. Stables BBQ is on the SW corner, no big sign but they don't need one.

You'll want to go for the southern ambiance, the hospitality and of course the food.

It comes complete with everything you would expect from a southern BBQ joint that the locals keep as a treasured secret. The building is old brick glass front storefront type, built around when Guthrie was still Oklahoma State Capital. The decor is an eclectic mixture of memorabilia. Signs of many old familiar products and long forgotten brands, along with  local road signs, old 10 cents soda bottle machines, also a few display cases of modern day collectible products that is worth touring. The old building, signs, and collectibles have an authentic decay just enough to put-off those too refined.

As you step inside you'll hear a cassette tape of the various old country rock artists, Johnny Cash one night to Patsy Cline the next. The young greeter will seat you with a sweet southern drawl "How you all doing tonight?" as only those young southern girls can. But don't expect the cowboy hats and boots as these small town girls from a poor town want to say they are with it. Tell Ashley, with the pink purple hair, I sent you there if she is working that night. Still the waitresses are polite and sweet, expect to hear a "be with you in a minute sir" a few times.

The guest will be of all sorts. You will be seated with a tea toting grandma on one side, the big burly biker on the next, the the family or extended family on the other end and perhaps a mechanic or ranch hand with the boots and chew to prove it nearby.

While the BBQ Brisket is my favorite, the ribs are good too. Order a half order for 2 meals and a full if you want to take 2/3rd home with you. Now the real reason to go there however, is the home made onion rings fresh from the fryer. Start with them while they are still hot but I warn you they'll fill you before you can even get to the BBQ. Take it from a midwest born kid, skip the beans that come with the meal and substitute the "corn nuggets" (bite size fried corn bread and with whole corn inside them). Wash it all down with your favorite beer or sweet tea.

If you are really hungry, or just want to sample everything, go on a Friday night with their all you can eat buffet [5.4MB pic]. If you go at lunch, you might want to tour the old western historic brick buildings nearby with many small town entrepreneurs with a passion for their shop's specialty. Stop at "Mom's" 2 blocks down on Division Road, for a piece of pie you won't forget.


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