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Gold Story, Alan Millhone

April 21, 2009 |

A MI was at my friends home the other day and he said his little grandson came over and had a handful of assorted foreign coins he was playing with (little boy is five). My friend got to looking at the coins and one stood out and it was a Gold Sovereign of King George in uncirculated condition! Then my friend took from his pocket and placed in my outstretched hand another coin and by its feel knew it was Gold. It was a 20 Franc Gold coin from France. My friend is keeping the coins for now and wrote down the story and will give the note and the coins back to his son at a later date. The little boy never missed the two shiny little coins from the pile of other coins he had. I found the story interesting and told my friend how easy it would have been to have dropped the coins in the yard between their two homes. Maybe there are more in their yards !


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