Tyler BrûléFor those that haven't read an issue of Monocle, the new May issue makes a wonderful introduction to the magazine. The cover story is of the Danish navy on pirate patrols off the coast of Somalia but the issue is also extensively filled with stories on Belarus, Hobart in Tasmania, Tunis, and Dubai's conservative neighboring emirate of Sharjah amongst many other broad features that range from the economy to design and fashion to the personal transport of Congo's president. At $10 an issue, it's quite expensive for a magazine but I would continue to find good value in the issues for double that price. Monocle's editor Tyler Brûlé writes the Fast Lane column for the weekend FT and previously started Wallpaper magazine before launching Monocle.

Jim Sogi adds:

Hobart, Tasmania is a lovely town, and on a lovely island. You can buy oceanfront commercial for 0.5M. Acreage also inland. Like California about 70 years ago.


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