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The femme fatale seduces her lovers with her beauty and charm, but the sexual allure I think is the characteristic that bonds her victims the most in a deadly and compromising relationship. For some reason, she hypnotizes her victims, sometimes more than one at the same time, attracting them gradually, but inexorably, in a situation they can escape only with extreme actions and outcomes. She builds slowly and scientifically, an asymmetrical relationship where signals of confirmation of her affection alternate with denials. She has a sort of network where victims are monitored and managed to make sure they do not escape. She does all she can not to let them free, including lying. Her lovers enter finally a state of dependence and obsession that she enjoys and of which she drives the dynamics that with time become more and more extreme. The desperation, exhaustion, anxious and obsessive phase of lovers is characterised by an unhealthy and overwhelming attachment that can cause irrational decisions. The final destructive phase involves feelings of self-blame and often anger. The deadly femme fatale has a complex personality, hard to recognize at first. When victims realize the situation, it may be too late. Similarly, the market seduces lovers with charm, beauty and the art of deception. The deadly outcome leaves victims with huge losses.

Marion Dreyfus writes:

Just because the vast preponderance of readers here is male is no reason to excoriate females — the description of f.f. goes way overboard. Most women are aware of their allure (it does not take much to excite randy males, which describes, given the chance, 95% of all the gender), but we do not spin these nets and traps — it is an anachronistic model, based upon the impotence of former females in insurance securities, investments and her own nested income. Absent the need to survive and ensure for her needs, these females melt into the tough, hard-working, capable, no-nonsense female of today. To the extent that women are again (arguable if so) 'femmes fatales,' it is because of the insecurity of the times. That is why skirts rise in lean times: Females are wont to finding and bonding with a future of plenty, not want, and the sexual signal is the come-hither to desirable males.

Indeed, if a woman does behave in this alluring, seductive pattern when a male is about, it compliments his status-quotient. Were he to be adjudged low in value, her interest would not be piqued, and her sexuality would be aimed elsewhere.

We all try to to survive. The devices and tools women have are mimicked in the insect and animal world models–these are meant to procure food and necessities–stop spinning the paradigm as if it were *sui generis* for no reason other than the gratification of the destroyed male.

Scott Brooks replies:

Just like women are often attracted to the rebels…..you know the old saying….good girls are attracted to the bad boys….men are often attracted to femme fatales. I dated a FF for a short time in college. I found myself attracted to her as she was obviously a "bad girl". The attraction didn't last long as I found I was not quite as "adventurous" as she wanted to be.But of course, today, the Mistress has her hooks in me and she's driving me crazy. But I live a well balanced life. My wife is a balance wheel, very well grounded and keeps me on the straight and narrow!

Now our very beautiful, very femine Dr. Dreyfus bemoans the use of the FF phrase…..sweet innocent Marion…..who, I'll bet, has gone hunting, fishing and shot more guns than most of guys on this list…..who did her stint in the IDF. Who has roamed the hostile streets of the middle east and who manages to navigate the often moody straits of the Type A middle aged successful men who inhabit this list……and yet…… does so with flair, feminity and grace.

Fair Marion has probably been in more dangerous situations than many on this list will ever be…..I like to think of her as our groups own private FF……a living character in an adventure novel…..so we get to have all the adventure (but only in our minds) with none of the danger!


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