I have enjoyed the discussion on reading people. I find it very important to read possible renters. Many are truthful and many will tell every lie known to man! Some of my favorite lies I hear…

  1. I live alone, but my boyfriend is here on rare occasions.
  2. I have an 18 year old, but he is seldom here.
  3. Can you work with me on the deposit?
  4. I have no children (but you can hear them screaming in the background.)
  5. I occasionally watch a friend's child (this leads to full time baby sitting.)

In all honesty, I try to rent to as few people as possible. Go in and clean a unit up after a large group has moved and you will see my reasoning. The 'wear and tear' is unreal with two or more children (most of the time).

Back to reading body actions. Those who call from a friend's phone or from a pay phone worry me. Those who need to move right now worry me. More and more of my units are going to be non-smoking units. People tell me they do not smoke, but the yellow fingers, and the smell on their clothes tells me a different story. I like to meet and then read how a person conducts himself while chatting to me and to see if he looks me in the eye.

One of the best ways to read a perspective renter is Erenter.com! For an application fee of $35 you can learn a lot about people. Many times I give them the application and never hear back from them (a good thing). I do add the $35 onto their deposit, most don't do this and the applicant simply forfeits if he or she is not accepted.

People who get behind on their rent have numerous stories I hear and most won't face you. When you don't see them you face a type of silent and invisible body language on which volumes could be written.


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