One of the more upscale British laddie mags recently jawed on at length about the shift from size zero boy-models to 'normal'-sized, fit, regular guys who "look capable of doing the job" they are photographed in. The nameless street-urchin male waifs of the past seven years are nowhere to be seen in the hot books of the trendoid set.

These androgenous boy-men held sway in the fashionista capitals and photo layouts since 2001, when designers constructed threads that were younger, tighter, decidedly skinnier than adult males could reasonably be expected to purchase. Or wear.

One is forced to suss out why, after the popping of a market bubble, and a global setback from the 9/11 attacks, the mood would shift to something so outré that working men would be left on the sidelines.

Were 'real men' wholly if temporarily disenfranchised because they had to will themselves up the success ladder anew?

Or were no-sex/no-gender pale males the only images that sold to the few customers willing to buy fripperies and bling? Were the 'tween set with disposable income that did not reside in Market realities or job-jobs the only ones with disposable ka-ching?

The pendulum has swung back, however. Top designers and their acolyte photogs have realigned what constitutes the Body to Emulate Now, since 2008 sometime.

The indication is that x-ray androgenic, sorta-males do nothing to comfort the working classes in a downturn. Men were turned off, and stayed away from purchasing the unwearable threads in droves. And women didn't like looking at these anorectic no-pec wonders. Such geldings offered literally nothing to fantasize about.

Top global male model this minute, David Gandy, is macho, understatedly muscled, toned…and beautiful to gaze at. Ladies and gentlemen, the Masculine Male. Is. Back.

Proving that it is not just beauteous femmes needed to woo the men back to recovery effort in freighted, weighted times. But females too want (and need) to turn up the erotic thermostat for comfort 'food' and gender-role righteousness when the economy goes awry.

This is, to our eyes, a newish index. Or a gloss on an older, more established marker. When hedge-fund, derivatives- and swap-money woes are here in play:

Androgeny, go away.


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