I got a Kindle-v1 Christmas 2007 as a gift. It's sorta great and it kinda sucks.

Great that I can load up just about any PDF on it (either through Amazon's email conversion service or via Mobi-book desktop PDF converter) and thus I can carry around a bunch of journal papers for quick perusal.

Great that if I read a review of a book, I can download the first chapter immediately and determine if I like the book, instead of hoofing it to a book store or ordering it from Amazon and discovering the book is a disappointment.

Kinda sucks because the Kindle (v1 at least) has a very fragile screen. I've cracked four of them, and while Amazon has been very good about replacing them, it is still disturbing that an e-ink screen, which is supposed to be more durable than an LED, seems more fragile than my iPhone's LED.

Another issue is that while one's notes/bookmarks/hi-lites are carried over from Kindle to Kindle for documents one loads up oneself, and for books that are purchased from Amazon, it's not so for periodicals. So when you get a new Kindle you find that while you have recovered that electronic copy of Reason, or The Atlantic, your notes/bookmarks/hi-lites have mysteriously disappeared.

Other problems of switching between Kindle and a replacement Kindle (at least for v1): your browser favorites don't carry over, and old transferred material isn't re-indexed for keyword search; i.e. the first time you purchase a book it's indexed for keyword lookup, but after you switch to a new Kindle anything you move over from the old Kindle is not indexed for keyword look up on the new Kindle. Last but not least, there is no file folders or file tagging. You are limited to sorting your documents by last read date, author, or title. Can't sort or organize your documents by fiction or nonfiction, can't classify documents as to subject area, etc. A folder structure/file tagging system was one of the first things that Kindle v1 users asked for in the Kindle support forums, and it disappointed lots of Kindle fans that it wasn't a feature of Kindle v2.

Nevertheless, with all the complaints, I was very glad when Amazon sent me my new replacement Kindle, as I was going through Kindle withdrawal. Using the Kindle app on an iPhone just isn't the same.

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