With nations across the globe rushing in to support their ailing car industries I've been wondering where's it's all going to end. With the industry as a whole producing a huge oversupply, the cash bleed to support these industries doesn't seem like it's going to improve until some of the players start to 'fold'.

So who's going to win? In this case the cards may be secondary to just holding the most chips. Just keep raising until enough of the other guys cave in.

So what strategies should governments adopt? If you start with a small pile of chips it's probably best to fold quickly. And as soon as the oversupply has evaporated you end up with holding a profitable business.

Alternatives? What about mothballing your car plants until the rest of the world has exhausted its cash and then getting them up and running again? Enter the game late and fight with a fresh army!?

GM Davies is the author of Play 1 e4 e5: A Complete Repertoire for Black, Everyman, 2005


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