Cowboys and westerns — is there this illusion as to the romance of the markets, a sense of individuality or lawlessness (e.g., Madoff et al)?

I wonder, as if in the "Wild, Wild, West" there were real consequences to our posts and comments on westerns, such as criticizing the government or a corporation. Case in point

Item: Famous Writer Stabbed in Beijing

When it flames, it pours. First, an architectural pride of the city is engulfed in a state of flames, then ProState in Flames, a famous Chinese blogger (real name: Xu Lai), is stabbed in a bathroom.

Xu’s anti-establishment blog, which has been shut down and moved several times in the past few months, often touched on very sensitive issues, including censorship, the melamine scandal and last week’s fire. At 4pm on Saturday afternoon, Xu was talking about his new book, Fanciful Creatures, at One Way Street Library in Wanda Plaza.

He was forced into the men’s bathroom by two attackers, one of whom was wielding a kitchen knife and preparing to cut off Xu’s hand while the other stabbed him once in the stomach.

After the attack, as the two men fled the scene, a blogger reports he heard one of the men say, “You brought this on yourself. You know why we’re doing this don’t you?” Bystanders chased the men, and while they escaped, photos of the pair were obtained on cell phones and presumably on the CCTV camera in the building, and it is expected they will be caught soon.

Xu is in stable condition, but the attack raises a red flag on the danger of dissent, not from authorities, but from strong minded fellow citizens.

For more, see reports from The New York Times, Danwei.org, and BlackandWhiteCat.org.


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