To be part of a king’s court,
coining wealth and privilege,
both traded and hoarded,
so religiously among a few of
apparently common ilk,
only to find that their ruler,
a financial deity with no clothes,
was also without sovereign.

Poor people without such knowing,
working or without,
middle-class alike,
who struggle each and every day
for essentials in common life
remain for not…

Not retirement savings,
not winter homes and country club dues,
not chaired philanthropic, tax-generated endeavors,
not even college savings for a son or daughter.

To include others spawned of that common ilk,
perhaps religiously or not,
bootstrapped in mind and
percolating in heart,
we do set upon one’s quest…

The published rebuke by the religious leader,
who said “shame” upon the fallen crown.

Will his enshrined plutocracy pay for
mercy and forgiveness or
is shame a balance sheet rectification,
parsing subsidiary liabilities of gains once gotten,
now spent in lost hands of
the moneychangers?

From and to those…

Country club members,
luxuriated in finery and staff,
who dined upon the meats
of their steadfast, monthly returns,
served religiously,
whereupon now they find that
they feasted upon themselves.

Are they not to pay for
such banqueting,
financed by member broker-dealers,
as if not knowing of washroom etiquette,
their selections in OPM?

The hedge fund managers and their keepers,
all incestuously conspired to
marry among daughters of one
to the sons of countries, a many.

Must they not be divorced as
a contemporary feudalism,
ashened from their own churn and
burning, if you will,
the nouveau-riche?

The US Senator
defending both ways and means for
no one but
a herd,
the animal farm –
as “no” we may say, not an industry –
by his office,
a republic for those pillars:
alas, now to be tax deductible,
so stolen from the countries allured,
for the sake of one city, one state,
a fleeced electorate.

Is he and his gang,
campaign financing schemers
so ensconced,
not of an order
to be tried and hanged?

Government minions
all the same,
thee attorney general,
thee commission governor
with juris doctorates,
accounting certifications
that scribe opinions and reports
for crown et al,
as if in the employ of
his majesty’s court.

Are they to be beheaded or gutted,
publishers of proclamations and
bidding for their king,

The sons,
so red-light legit,
whose market-marking slights of hand
prospered by the right of the father’s left gains,
a tally rectified during a single confession.

Are they to be stripped for remaining children,
instead of being men,
while before their father’s throne?

Portend as well those,
who bailout in realignment,
to avoid self-confessed fallout,
now continue after dusk
to hide in the night of
those perpetuating lies.

Thus who aspires
“empathizing” for the “lost”
of what was not gained,
merely speculated with
a strict collector
quantifying what only was
self-elusive acts of treason,
which from Napoleonic adventures,
we know to be merely
a matter of dates?

No, good sir,
your query is misplaced,
as was their pockets.

Trust is the coin of the realm,
not consistent returns –
ill-gotten or otherwise.


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