DiverInflammations occur in the markets– bubbles if you will. If they become too large like aneurysms if not treated they burst. Like an infection or a disease, if left untreated they can be very dangerous to the system and can even cause death. Think about the application with speculation. Keep the hyperbaric chamber in mind in the event you ever need one. Long used as a method to treat "the Bends," an affliction when a scuba diver rises to the surface too quickly. It has been clinically proven that treatment of a wound along with treatment with a pressurized chamber dramatically improves the healing process. Along with the hyperbaric chamber the patient breathes 100% oxygen.

I have an associate who was bitten by a recluse spider on her arm on a Friday. By Monday, the poison had necrotised a patch on her arm many inches in diameter and the destruction was spreading. She was at risk of losing her entire arm. The physician placed her on massive antibiotics and hyperbaric therapy. It was through these very aggressive measures that they were able to save her arm and her life. Diabetes patients are also using hyperbaric chambers to treat their advanced stages associated with this disease. Some use it as a holistic method for anti-aging and some years back, Michael Jackson was rumored to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber perhaps as a treatment for his massive plastic surgery abuse on his face.

hyperbaric home models can be found on ebay for $8000.


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