Reviving an ancient DailySpec discussion, I believe I can now answer the question of why someone would use a more vivid type of data presentation. Bar charts and especially candlesticks provide a more vivid experience; bars have the advantage that more data can be represented, candlesticks very clearly show the open, close, high and low. For a counter there are other options, like counting by hand or writing prices down. I'm sure this approach will reach parts of the brain left cold by more 'modern' methods, and I suspect that looking alternating visual and numerical data is better than favoring just one kind.

The candlestick experience is like using a nice wooden chess set as opposed to a computer screen for chess analysis. You can't turn Fritz on but the experience is much richer in sensory input. When computers first started to be used for playing through chess games and online competition, the board and pieces were thought to be redundant. But a number of players have been drifting back, and many at least using 3D representations of the board rather than the flat 2D.

GM Davies is the author of Play 1 e4 e5: A Complete Repertoire for Black, Everyman, 2005


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