Not all bailouts are the same; the government's efficiency in bailing out the fatcats at A!G is in sharp contrast to its lackadaisical approach to the Katrina victims.  A reader.

 As a Katrina victim, the FEMA-backed Red Cross paid my family's hotel bill in toto for the first couple of weeks of our evacuation. We registered with FEMA online and within three weeks of the storm received an initial check for two grand, then a couple of weeks later a second check for two grand, and then a couple of weeks after than a third check for 10.5 grand. That combined with the couple of grand fronted to me by my insurance company (State Farm was awesome) meant we were pretty flush.

We never got one of the Red Cross debit cards, which folks were seen using buying flat screen TVs and such. Nor did we take advantage of the food stamp program as so many of my friends and neighbors did even though they didn't need to.

When they came and finally inspected our house, and determined that our damage was minimal, and they knew what we'd gotten from our insurance, they, much later asked for the 10.5 grand back! We took our time paying them back, enjoying the carry trade - they were charging 1% and I was earning much more than that on it with Madoff. (just kidding). Finally paid them all back, and I'd say that the gummint probably did a good job stewarding the money they paid out because it pretty well covered our disaster related expenses and that's it.

Don't believe the mainstream media spin. The Federal Government did a great job. The reaction was delayed when they heard they had to deal with a population of storm victims who were shooting back at rescuers and looting the federal armory at Jackson Barracks, etc. The full story hasn't been told.





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