In the event NYC specs are interested in taking a break from the markets (and they still have a few dollars in their pockets), I recommend an evening with Andrea Marcovicci singing movie tunes from old Fred Astaire movies such as "Roberta" to more modern takes such as "Tootsie." In addition to lovely vocals, Andrea also provides interesting storytelling about the history behind the scores. A charming evening offering much needed respite from markets gone wild.

Sort of. . . after telling the audience that at the age of 60 she can do something that most her age can't (move her face muscles), she proceeded to inform us that she had invested her monies in her lovely sparkling gown. "It doesn't go up, it doesn't go down, and I don't have to watch TV all day to learn what it's been doing."

Cute. Andrea will be at the Algonquin through 12/27.


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