Perhaps some good economic and trading sense might be found amongst such methodologies. At present our governments appear to want to hurl themselves in after the victim.

How to Escape From Quicksand

Step 1 Quicksand can be found in many parts of the United States, especially by riverbanks, in swampy areas or near the ocean. One area famous for quicksand is Morecambe Bay, England. People trapped there at low tide risk drowning when the water rolls back in. If you plan to walk in an area with potential quicksand it’s a good idea to carry a thick wooden pole with you, as tall as you are.

Step 2 As soon as you find yourself sinking in a pit of quicksand, lay the pole on the surface of the quicksand.

Step 3 Flop your back on top of the pole. It will take a minute or so that will seem a lot longer, but in short order you will stop sinking. If you are carrying heavy gear with you like a pack, if you haven’t stabilized, you might have to let it go. Work the pole around under you so that is rotates ninety degrees and supports your hips.

Step 4 Gradually start to extricate first one leg then the other.

Step 5 Slowly start to paddle to firm ground.

Step 6 If you happen to fall into quick sand before you’ve prepared by carrying a thick pole, don’t fret. The key is not to panic. Most quicksand pits are only a few feet deep. Although the mix varies, in most quicksand, your body will be more buoyant than it is in fresh water so it should float. In fact, the density of an average human body is about 62 pounds per cubic foot, which is less than quicksand's 125 pounds per cubic foot. Unless you are heavily laden you’ll probably sink no deeper than half way. However if you panic and start to flail your arms and feet you’ll only make the situation worse, because the more you agitate quicksand, the more it will liquefy and the faster you will sink.

Step 7 Instead, relax. Take slow deep breaths, arching your back and spreading out your arms and legs to increase your surface area. Let your body’s natural buoyancy bring you to the top. Then gradually and quite slowly work your way to solid ground.


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