In some market climates it may well be that an umbrella is a more suitable instrument than the cane. Some research into the matter uncovered the forgotten techniques of a Mrs. Sanderson:

Mrs. Sanderson, one of the finest swords women in England, is also an expert with other means of attack and defense. Provided with an ordinary umbrella, having the popular crook, she is quite capable of protecting herself against any onslaught, but not on old-fashioned lines. An umbrella has been referred to facetiously as a husband beater, but if merely used as an ordinary beater, it becomes useless for any practical purpose of protection. While on the other hand, if used in a scientific manner it becomes a deadly weapon in almost anyone’s hands.

The prowling bag-snatcher who infests the railway stations and busy thoroughfares, although he may secure the bag by snatching, can be promptly brought to book if his victim turns smartly, and as he runs away, catches his foot in the crook of the umbrella. Even if circumstances favour him, and he attacks a lady in a quite spot where no help is forthcoming, and the snatcher feels inclined to continue his struggle for for possession of the bag, a little knowledge will insure the ultimate defeat and retreat of the ruffian.


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