Martin LBaron Rothschild allegedly said that one should buy "when there is blood in the streets." With the current situation's being what it is, clearly we have reached that point, and the only questions that remain are: How much further — and what will happen then? What strikes me is that people that usually are positive have turned very negative, and no wonder with all the alarming news that keeps hitting the market and the unrelenting selling. But there is a deeper angst that keeps creeping up: "It is different this time", meaning that the market will not stage a rebound, or that any rebound will be short lived. With the exception of the list, it seems that sentiment is very dark. You hear things like "all markets have fallen so there is no where money will flow from", or "we are heading into a deep recession that will further depress markets", or "sell now, we will fall 20% more in a matter of days". While any of these statements may be true, when they come after a 40% fall they seem to me bear the earmark of capitulation underway, and a strong rise to follow.


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