I recently went to an Ace Hardware store with my neighbor Gary, who needed to take care of some things. I asked him why he chose to come to Ace rather than the Loews that was right next door or the Home Depot less than a half mile away.

First, he told me, the business is locally owned and he likes to support local businesses. Second is he feels right at home with the friendly helpful staff on hand to help him and answer any questions he might have.

With some skepticism, I walked through the door with Gary and immediately one of the employees greeted us and inquired how he might help. Gary mentioned that he needed some keys made for his auto. One of the staff said to follow her and she would take care of that right away. She proceeded to make the keys and then said before he left to go out to the car to insure that they work and she would wait. He came back and said they were just fine. He also said he needed some propane for his grill. He brought his tank in but they said that he needed a new tank and he bought one and they filled it while we waited inside conversing with the employee who made the key for us.

After the tank was filled, we got into the Cadillac Escalade he just bought and drove away. Immediately, he looked at me and said "Do you see what I mean?" "That is why I shop at Ace." I now understand.


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