At the White House meeting earlier yesterday, P@ulson, on his knees asked Pel0si not to allow the negotiations to blow up, according to a participant in the meeting.

There is so much money at stake for former partners and friends.  What would happen if they didn't do the deal? Exactly what happened when WaMu was picked apart.

Russ Humbert reports:

S N O N H MI recently visited the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum in Noman, OK. They described a Buffalo hunt where the wolves and Native Americans would drive a herd of bison into a stampede. Keeping them moving in a  fluid, fast, well worn path, into a natural corral of cliffs, where the wolves and hunters had them trapped at the gate. The herd couldn't move. Those in the front saw sudden death in a bolt, those in the back had no room to move, or know another way to get out. They'd slaughter them all, with the women and children waiting at the top to butcher and skin them and turn their bones to instruments.

The Liquidity Trap: it's very fast and fluid moving with the herd, till suddenly it ain't.


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