The thing to do would be to let the giants fail and just guarantee everyone's 401k, bank account, credit card debt and mortgages…

Laurence Glazier adds:

How about educating people about the true risks of buying property on loan, and explaining how it is only the assumption of government intervention to remove risk that supports a belief in this golden calf, the obeisance to which diverts many an artist from their element and muse.

And what happens to the giant firms of Wall Street is immaterial now. Trading is being democratized, moving from the ivory towers to empowered individuals, as computers did twenty years ago. One of those big waves.

Nigel Davies is sceptical:

GM NigelWhat if there is no solution, and that this whole business is merely evidence of a fatal flaw in humanity. As far as I can see EVERYONE could have acted differently at some point so as prevent this, but instead they drifted en mass along a line of short term apparent self-interest.

And what if the 'rescue plan' itself is of a similar ilk, putting off paying the piper because 'something' had to be done. After all, those making this decision couldn't possibly have their careers tarnished by a huge crisis in their time. Better to defer it to a future generation/generations, eh?

BTW, at the chessboard such thinking is heavily influenced by an excess of caffeine, so I wasn't joking about the Dr Pepper/no sleep thing. People ALWAYS try to force matters when tired and on a caffeine high.

James Sogi ponders the situation:

It is out of our hands now. Rather than trading fundamentals or quant strategies we are left waiting to see what the politicians do and jerk around with that mess as this or that secretary or politician plays their stupid game while the world markets hang in the balance. This is the problem with too much power in too few hands.

Victor Niederhoffer replies:

Yes, but all that happened was in the numbers to start with and would have happened the same way regardless, as will the eventual aftermath.

Vincent Andres replies to Nigel Davies:

Maybe not a fatal flaw in humanity, but a fatal flaw in the part of humanity which has to deal with money ?

Human societies need a blood system. Money/stocks/derivatives/etc. is this blood. But money is such an extraordinary feature/tool/invention that people working too much with it and too close to it become always crazy.

Radioactivity, morphine, also are very powerful things, but some rules must be respected.


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