The Herd, from Paolo Pezzutti

September 19, 2008 |

Springbok HerdAs animals grazing peacefully hear gun shots and start running without at first understanding the right direction to go, the herd begins to form.  The animals regroup and appear to move together, although their behavior is not coordinated.  Each animal moves, seeking safety for himself by staying closer to others.  Gun shots come now from the opposite side and the herd changes swiftly direction. Again. And again. They run as fast as they can. Many fall, hit by hunters, and others follow, stumbling against fallen animals.  Dust is everywhere, noise is loud.  The animals cannot see clearly where they go, their senses confused.  They are exhausted, many are wounded and fear is driving them away from the gun shots that arrive from different directions, continuing to make them run in any direction.  Unfortunately often the wrong one and right toward the hunters, and many die.  Suddenly there is silence, but the herd continue to run for some time, still grouped.  Then it starts to disperse.  Still scared, any noise can make the animals regroup and run again, although the hunters have ceased their chase and are not around any more.  The herd slows down now and it disperses again. The animals that survived start grazing again.


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