A Veltman

1/ Net Large Spec Short of over 170,000 NG futures; for every two Long fund positions there are 3+ Shorts now! Note: NatGas price nearly halved in just 2 months — talk about dedicated trendfollowing!
2/ Crude is now sporting Small Spec Net Short — Not a very bearish indicator; RBOB has had mostly Commercial Short — thus not prone to panicky cover on hurricane.
3/ Gold is not setting up for further liquidation, as Commercials have been buyers into decline; surprisingly, Silver is lacking same commitment — despite nearly halving its price in two months!
4/ Yen rally on crosses attracted duly Commercial selling; thus Yen is not likely to jump further!
5/ 30Y bond features aggressive Small Spec Short — prone to Short-cover; not much featured across all other Treasuries!
6/ Nasdaq Mini's drop was met with good Commercial bid; thus ENQ is better supported compared to other indexes.


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