V NThere are universal principles that apply to success in all endeavors. I took 10 for cricket by Micoach adapted from The Path to Athletic Power by Boyd Eply who apparently is a famous power coach.

1. Ground based activities. You play most games on the ground so your exercises should be on the ground. Yes, and the way to test a system is to apply it in the real world, not on paper. You must go back at least x years and see what it would have been like at that time.

2. Multiple joint activities. You use all the joints, in coordination. Squats do also, but a leg extension just requires the legs to move. You need to see how your tests and market activities work in the real world when you have multiple positions not just one at a time.

3. Three dimensional movements. Weights train you on three planes but the wire machines train on only two, "with the weights and pulleys taking the strain." In the world of markets, you are embedded in life. The family comes in. Food must be eaten. And sometimes you must leave the screen and take breaks. The announcements don't come when you expect them. Take this into account.

4. Train explosively. Speed comes from how quickly your muscles work. Work with sprints "and Pliometrics" not slow strength or sprints. Do vary your market positions according to the odds and expectations.

5. Progressive overload. Keep increasing the reps.

6. Periodisation. Take account of different time periods and days.

7. Split routine. Do weights on some days and flex on others giving your body a chance to recover. How about commodities at the end of the week and stocks in the beginning and grains over the weekend.

8. Hard easy system. Take it hard some times and easy other times or you'll burn out. Try skipping trading some days and spending time at the gardens.

9. Train specifically. Make it as close to real things as possible. No long runs unless you're a distance runner. Please don't paper trade only and do take account of margins and slippage and your broker front running you.

10. Interval training. Long periods of rest and then an explosion "just like you get when batting, bowling or fielding." The whole game hinges on what you do during seconds. Be prepared and never let down your guard. 

I'd be interested in how readers think the ideas of cricket and power training of Eply and Hinchliffe are related to or different from universal principles applicable to markets.

Martin Lindkvist replies:

Martin LTo gain power, muscle fibers need to be damaged which then leads to the cells repairing themselves, overcompensating, creating new growth and more power. Likewise, you cannot have profits without allowing for drawdowns.

Using many different exercises allows for the muscles to be trained from many angles creating more strength also in the power movements without overtraining in those few specific movements. Using many different/diversified signals/systems allows for more profit compared to overleveraging just a few main signals.

When you train with heavy weights, do use a spotter that can help you get the most of the exercise as well as making sure that you don't hurt yourself, or use a power rack. In markets when leveraged, consider utilising a risk manager for the same function, catastrophic stop loss, etc.

When you have had a while off, start out easy with lighter weights, or fewer contracts.


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