I find the paper Simulating Collective Misbeliefs in the Journal of Artificial Societies Simulation interesting.

Notable how it predicts a tendency for cults to grow based on the beliefs of dead individuals.

I think the same techniques may be applied to look at trading systems and trends, as shared beliefs can become self-fulfilling prophecies, sometimes weakened when a bubble bursts. In life it is equally hard to distinguish between consensus belief and reality. Even time and space are human concepts, although when people look for aliens they scan with their telescopes the vast reaches of outer space.

Sushil Kedia adds:

Wonderful. May I be permitted to generalize Mr. Glazier's statement further that everything that mankind debates as within the possible and not within the possible is again a matter of the human cognitive faculties. Recognition is subjugate to cognition. Observation, testing, conclusion is but a chain in the ever improving cognitive processes.

What would the list suggest be a good way to read, learn and think about the history and or the evolution of human cognition? What may be the must read sequence of works in that area?

"Cogito, Ergo Sum" - Rene desCartes


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