The Athlete's Paradoxical Commandments by Russ Sears adapted from Dr. Kent M. Keith "The paradoxical commandments "

The Races are inconsequential, brutally tough, and self-centered.

Race hard anyway.

The talent you spend years training may be destroyed overnight and certainly will quickly fade with age.

Train anyway.

The most talented men and women with the biggest dreams can be destroyed by the smallest virus or felled by the mindless cramp .

Dream big anyway.

Sportsmanship and Integrity make you vulnerable.

Play fair anyway.

Few truly root for the unknown underdogs, most follow only the top dogs. Revel in being an unknown underdogs anyway.

If you do win, people will accuse you of cheating, being a druggie and egotist with selfish motives. Win anyway.

The victories you have today will all be forgotten tomorrow. Celebrate anyway.

With more success, you will win fake friends and true enemies. Embrace them anyway.

Cynics will berate you, referees will misjudge you, opposing spectators will belittle you, fans will abandon you and even coaches will move on. Love them anyway.

Race your best, even your body will betray you, exposed to many who will indeed kick you in your most tender spots . Race your best anyway.

You'll find the prize on the inside each morning's as you've learned to always kick back as you run.

Steve Leslie adds:

Excellent insights. The truly great teachers are able to use simple statements to explain the complex. Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Sun Tzu and many others conveyed their wisdom through the use of parables and analogies. This website functions at the highest level when it maintains its esprit de corps and engenders this spirit. You have helped further the mission through your sharing. Someone once said "We don't necessarily need to be told things as much as we need to be reminded."


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