Woody'sI really don't know why I go to Woody's BBQ [menu pdf] so much. Perhaps the convenient location, consistent food, and great sweet tea have something to do with it. Maybe it's just that I happen to drive by their location most Saturdays when I'm hungry, or have some Pavolvian response that I'm unaware of. Whatever it is, Woody's is my default BBQ place here in town, when I don't feel like driving over to Arcadia . Woody's is a chain of BBQ places in Florida that serves good, but not great BBQ. Their portions are ample, the meat is tender, and the prices are rock bottom. Their sauce, which comes in three varieties, is really delicious. Woody's likes to baste their meat and chicken wet, and then smoke it while continuously basting with sauce. I usually go there for their sliced pork sandwich, which is a huge pile of thin sliced pork, served on a large toasted garlic bun. There's a good 10 oz of pork on the sandwich, and plenty of sauce at the table in which to dress it up according to tas te. The sandwich is quite tasty, and is a meal in itself. My experience with their BBQ ribs has been uneven, sometimes great, usually OK. Whenever I go there, I avoid the fries, which tend towards being soggy, and dive right into the BBQ beans. Simply put, Woody's BBQ beans are world class, with plenty of bits of crispy salt pork in each serving. Their beans are well cooked, with just the right amount of BBQ sauce added, without overpowering the flavor of the beans. Woody's also serves a creamy cole slaw that's delicious if one adds some pepper and Louisiana hot sauce to it at the table and mix it in. One thing I never fail to eat when I'm there is the deep fried garlic mushrooms. The batter they use is sort of a tempera batter, and the mushrooms are first rate in quality. The contrast of the crisp batter with the perfectly cooked mushrooms creates a perfect balance, and satisfies my taste buds. I've tried other things on the menu such as their fried catfish and chicken fried steak, and found them to be good, but not memorable. Woody's decor can be best described as faux Western kitsch. Although the decor isn't very inviting, the place is always very crowded, with a 10 minute wait being the norm. Woody's isn't world class BBQ and makes no pretensions as to being the best. They are good, not great, but are a must stop if one happens to be driving by one of their locations and is hungry. Woody's purpose in the world is to serve ample portions of hearty BBQ to the working man, and for that, the world is a little better place.





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