Someone I met recently told me that in about seven years time each and every atom is replaced in our bodies. Then how come the much analyzed chemical reactions of the body and brain retain memories and learning acquired across years? Irrespective of the proverbial seven year itch arising in the 7th, 6th or 8th is it then about revisiting the premises left now only in memories upon which the original pleasance of the relationship rests still upon?

Like in a computer where one keeps on upgrading each and every component and on average ending up replacing every part in about seven years when nothing existing today was in the original computer the data, the feel of the desktop remain the same and we still call it the same computer. Is life and the kind of computing the human brain does more similar to network computing? What else might a social process be similar to from the world of computing? Can principles of computer networking be applied to find valid applications in a social process called the stock market?

Is life using more of google spreadsheets kind of structures than using the locally resident ex*el type utilities? How come across generations within family trees certain patterns of thought, action and being are ingrained? What then is the reason for a flapping of a butterfly's wings in one nook of the Earth bringing about a typhoon in another corner of this planet if life being a seamless network of information and matter is really incidental to its carriage?

Would a market be over N years not replacing each and everything that existed before that period and still be the same market? DJIA has just one original stock for an example. It is still the same market. It is the same stories and folklores. What is the value of that N for each different security, each different market sector etc. etc. Will the differences in N reveal any differences about the markets, assuming measurement of such an N will be feasible somehow?

Is reality, in the markets and otherwise, just a continuum of information while matter keeps getting replaced, regurgitated, re-structured, re-invented etc. etc.? Why does then someone as successful as the Sage proffer wisdom that one ought to own companies that do the same routine thing that we would require all our lives? The coke is the same as it was twenty years ago? It perhaps is getting different again at its own pace. In the same vein then why is there only one company such as 3M yet that persists on achieving not less than 60% of its sales from products that did not exist three years ago?

May be a good point to begin on this trail is to first imagine and find which variable(s) from the characteristics of securities or companies can be those that which change completely in N years across a set of securities, value of N being then the next variable to study?





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