K ZWhen excited properly gases emit radiation at specific wavelengths, because electron transitions to lower energy levels is quantized. This is seen well as emission lines on spectra.

If stock prices were attracted to round numbers, in terms of frequency one might expect to see something like a spectral pattern. For example, the count of daily closing prices in SP500 should be higher around round numbers. A dot-plot (like a histogram with dots) was used to check for round-clustering using daily SPY closes multipled by 10 (to replicate the actual SP500 index number). This particular dot plot tallies up to 7 observations per dot, and each column represents a bin of 20 SP500 points (eg, "1000" is all daily closes from  990 to 1010)

A dot plot of 10X SPY does not appear to show clustering around the "hundreds" (900, 1000, etc) in S&P 500.


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