In tonight's race we sailed shorthanded. Normally, there are four good friends sailing together, but one was in an operation for a minor outpatient procedure.

We went through four head sails changes, which normally is not a big deal, but with 20 minutes before the race it can create a lot of work, tiring out the crew. Additionally, with one less person's weight to sit and balance off the energy hitting the sails it was hard to tack well.

We did really well, on the upwind and downwind leg. The reason was we went to our smallest head sail until we felt we could control the boat if the wind rose (which we did not expect). The wind didn't rise.

My takeaway was that by having less sail (leverage) we could attack more aggressively, which we did. We did well around the buoys, rounding tighter (closer) than others who were overpowered (too much sail up). I left before the results, but was pleased for the race.

Perhaps other sailors can apply this to a market discussion better than I.





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