My father handed over the wealth of his knowledge from a lifetime of speculating the night before I was leaving home and starting a career in the markets of Mumbai:

1) Sleep well and enough and at regular hours. Deprived sleep doesn't get compensated by catching up.

2) Eat well and at regular hours. An upset stomach makes the mind waver. Drink lots of water.

3) Speak only when necessary. Never loudly.

4) Listen.

5) Gather facts, steer clear of opinions.

6) Stay away from losses. Money will come from chance.

7) Don't trust anyone completely. But trust.

8) Write your books of accounts everyday.

9) Adjust sleep if any of these don't work well.

Dad wrote this list to me many times in several of his letters again and again across years. I am still trying to improve. He tells me his father gave him this list.





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