On TV Rick Steves says there are two kind of travelers, "those who travel heavy and those who don't." He always says to lay out all you plan to take on your bed and cut that by half! Note American Airlines now charges $15 for your first piece of luggage. Oil hit $133 today. At what oil price will the airlines ground their planes? My best friend owns three mall restaurants and one of his workers today commented to us that mall foot traffic is noticeably down.

David Hillman recounts:

I just rented a vehicle for a one-way, one day drive of 300 miles in region. Yes, there are variations market-to-market and pick-up/drop-off locations do matter, but the #1 club "discounted" rate for the full size vehicle I rented was $99/day. For either a compact or economy, $157/day. It seems they've picked up on something. Hmmmmmm…. 


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