I lived on the border of Texas and Mexico for a couple of years. We were invited to eat over at a neighbor's house the first week were were there. They served us dishes I had never seen before, although it sounded exotic when they told me what it was in Spanish (I didn't know the language then). The food tasted very different from anything I had ever eaten. It wasn't as palatable as I had hoped. Two of the other members of my party who came with me decided not to eat the dinner. They just ate homemade tortillas and drank their cokes. I ate the dinner and when I lapped that up the matriarch quickly replenished my plate with another large helping. I ate all that, too, just to be polite. I got rather sick, perhaps just from overeating. The next day the patriarch of the family called us and said that I was welcome any time — but not the others.


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