RainbowWhy it is some look for more out of themselves than is there is one of those human psychological mysteries that will never be solved, I guess. Maybe its too much hype from gurus who cover the media with propaganda that stimulates monetary responses from suckers.

I fall into this trap, expecting more of myself. For instance, expecting myself to profit like a professional when I totally lack predictive skills.  I know, intellectually, I am gambling when I hit the trade button; yet an irrational hope lingers on that my analytic competence has correctly foreseen the outcome.

So there it is, in black and white. Prudently I ought to adjust my life to this reality. I won't, though.  The next time that hope manifests itself I will again go through the same process, mentally, emotionally, behaviorally.

Nigel Davies explains:

One of the problems with trading is that outcomes are not directly linked to performance, especially over a short period of time. This alignment is much closer in games with a smaller random element, which is what makes them a good training ground for the ego.


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