African DancersAfrica will start playing a role in global strategic relationships and in the global economy in the next decade. Addressing poverty, terrorism, failing or weak states, and health issues is important for global security. The need to diversify sources of energy and materials in the competition for natural resources and secure access to the global market make Africa an important actor.

Assets move globally in search of low costs of labor and production. Emerging markets in African countries will become with time more and more representative.

In Africa we will see the US, China and the EU compete. Security, stability, respect of human rights are the basis for economic and social development within the respect of the local culture. The way is quite long and difficult but with ups and downs, at times and in some countries even dramatic, the conditions exist for a path of improvement and development.

Clive Burlin adds:

If a country like Mozambique can start making a comeback, the future for Zimbabwe looks ultra bright.


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