The moves this Friday, Monday and Tuesday remind me of a good baseball swing, or for that matter what any good athlete does vis a vis economy of motion. Recapitulating exactly the Friday, Monday and Tuesday of the big French bank frontrunning move

Rodger Bastien replies:

The bigger question is whether this batter does what I too often did, which is once I found my stroke, I swung harder, many times losing my rhythm in the process.

Stefan Jovanovich adds:

Chili Davis says he has the same problem. Each time he walked up to the plate, he would mutter to himself "70%, 70%." That was how hard he should swing to allow his stroke to do its work. That didn't keep him from over-swinging or from displaying his enormous strength when frustrated, but he says it helped. Once upon a time at Candlestick I saw Davis, while walking back to the dugout after striking out, raise one knee up to waist level and break his bat into two pieces. He didn't break stride.


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