Pick & ShovelYesterday I took the family to Goldfield Ghost Town, a mere 35 minutes, or 25 miles, away from where we live. I thought that my kids were now old enough to visit and appreciate where their grandfather owned a third interest in a mine here in the 1890s. After selling his interest he built the first hotel (21 rooms) in Mesa, AZ (so says family lore, which I can't prove or disprove at present).

Perhaps the Senator would have enjoyed seeing the five fault lines, a few intersecting each other, where the veins of gold were found. One vein was said to be 18 inches wide. The gold vein was exposed by a major flash flood in April of 1893.

I'm the fifth generation of my father's line here in Arizona and I've often wondered why we ended up in this G_dforsaken country. But we love it. And, more importantly, we call it home.


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