Bohn's HandbookThe other day I added another book to my library: BOHN'S NEW HANDBOOK OF GAMES COMPRISING WHIST, DRAUGHTS, BILLIARDS, Philadelphia, HENRY F. ANNERS 1855.
This hardbound book contains 110 pages and lists and describes many games that are totally foreign to me: Whist, in four parts, Piquet, Quadrille, Ecarte, Cribbage (knew that one), Boston, Quinze, Pope Joan, Vingt-Un, Put, All Fours, Speculation (found this to be a card game), Brag, Roulette, Hazard, Division Loo, Backgammon, Draughts (same as Checkers), Chess, Billiards, Russian Bagatelle, American Bowls and a few others.

In its day this book was important to have on one's parlour table in one's drawing room to entertain family and friends before the advent of television and video games and the Internet. Looking through this book I see challenging and mentally stimulating games. Man has advanced and yet lost many things that made a family unit in its day what it was.
It is also interesting how the writers of years gone by described a game, for instance: "Draughts it should be remembered is purely a game of calculation, and as such craves wary policy."


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