Jim RogersListening to Jim Rogers's Adventure Capitalist lately in the car. He has funny stories about NGOs in Africa, like how a guy worked a Swiss NGO for $20M by "buying" his friends and relatives out of "slavery" in Sudan and then "freeing" them for the NGO's benefit (after they had memorized a suitably heart-rending story of their plight). I think it was Ethiopia where he talked about the guy soaking NGOs by running an "orphanage" where he would bring in kids from local villages when the NGO staff would visit to check on the "orphans." Then, after the NGO people left, the kids would get paid and go back home. And the scam of collecting clothing and other items at churches across the US, as donations to help poor Africans, after which they are shipped through consolidators to Africa and sold off to wholesalers who sell them in markets. Hey, at least that stuff is actually getting there!


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